Kingsmead School are proud to be able to offer clear educational pathways to all children and young people. Sometimes however, we recognise that additional support to access these and achieve their full potential, may be necessary.

Through teacher or keyworker assessment, a referral to our additional support services can be made and considered. Below are the services we offer through this route…

We currently commission an Arts Therapy company called Catharsis to offer a range of arts focused psychotherapy interventions by qualified arts therapists. All therapists are registered with HCPC and the company is quality assured regularly by our own internal alternative provision team. This form of therapy can only be offered to those who have been identified as requiring a specialist, higher level of intervention for mental health issues in order to support issues such as trauma, anxiety or challenging behaviours. We recognise these kind of issues can impact on a child or young person’s engagement with education if not addressed through any other support services such as CAMHS.

Changing Lives Service is a Whole School Approach model that Kingsmead School are able to access for short term intervention for our students. They offer evidence based psychological interventions for mild to moderate mental health conditions and needs. Services could include; parental involvement and support, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), advice and guidance on issues such as sleep hygiene or simple phobias. Click here to read more about these services and their offer at Kingsmead School.

Exciting updates comin soon!

We are lucky enough to have a fabulous member of staff, Vicki Cutting, who supports her qualified facility assistance dog, Wilf. Wilf is such a hit with all our students on all sites and he regularly goes out to visit and calm our classrooms, corridors or pretty much any space he’s allowed in! Through additional support meetings, it is sometimes possible for Wilf to be allocated a specific student to work with who may benefit from a short term targeted input from him. Click on Wilf’s very own Instagram page to find out more about his positive impact on Kingsmead School…Wilf’s Instagram