As part of career awareness and building positive relations with emergency services, we took a number of students to visit the local fire station. Prior to this, we had had a visit from the same squad at school, where they brought the fire truck into school and showed students what is on it and how it was used.

During our time at the fire station, we did a team building activity with the hoses, where students raced against the clock to unravel the hoses. The most exciting part of the trip was going up in the platform on the fire truck, which can reach 34 meters! The students loved the platform experience, it was great seeing them support and encourage each other when the nerves kicked in!

Lastly we were taught how to ‘sweep’ a building like the firefighters do, and were tasked to find any ‘survivors’. All the students took part and were successful! Plunged into pitch black and leading each other through the building, finding Sam! The training dummy!

The students and staff all enjoyed the experience! It was great to see our students working together and overcoming fears. Brilliant day and we are excited to be returning soon for another visit!